Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Television these days

Is it me or are there other people out there who are fed up of things like X Factor in which people cry when they are insulted by that arrogant turd faced little bastard Simon something or other, and then there's I use to be a celebrity so I eat maggots in the jungle to get me back on TV. And of course the spawn of all that is foul,  Big Brother.

Why would anyone with even the smallest amount of brain cells watch people with the personality of a hose pipe sleep in a bed in black and white. And then pay money to vote that they leave the house, are they insane?

At one time there used to be some wonderful comedy available, now we have things like Little Britain which was mildly amusing in 5 minutes spells but the American version is abolute crap as they have to explain the jokes and insert laughter so that our cousins from across the big pond know when to laugh. Where are the Morecambe and Wises, the Not the Nine O'Clock news replacements and so forth.

The only good stuff is Have I Got News For You, Mock The Week and similar and then there's sport. At the moment, the most popular spectator sport in the country is taking place. Contrary to popular belief this is not football it is a motor sport called rallying and unlike football which attracts less viewers than reruns of Dads Army has an ever increasing amount of fans.

But trying  to find it on TV is like the old needle in the haystack bit, normally there's about 5 minutes of it on Channel Obscure just before TVX gives it's five minutes of Freeview or as I like to call it, Beat the Clock.

I must be getting old I suppose.

Still, I must give thanks that the last ever series of Big Brother is about to finish, this series has probably produced the most maggot minded non entities ever to have graced the newspapers.

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