Monday, 11 January 2010

Snow !!!

So global warming has hit the UK with temperatures as low as -22 in places and snow covering the whole of the country.

British Gas is about to run out of gas so we will all freeze and the councils have run out of grit and will be sending compulsory purchase orders to all the pet shops later today. This will mean that over then next few weeks will be seeing a load of constipated budgies all over the place.

I don't know how they have run out of grit as I haven't seen a gritter anywhere on the road into work and all round where I live there is a layer of permafrost on the ground.

It's so bad that people are unable to make any headway no matter how hard they rev the engines, I've even passed 4 wheel drive vehicles who are having trouble getting going. This does not seem to be a problem with the actual vehicle but an inability on the drivers behalf to select 4 wheel drive and to move off gently.

So far my old Rover diesel has managed to get anywhere I want to go without any sliding (unless of course I want to).

So this is the end, as very soon we will not be able to go anywhere as the roads will be blocked with abandoned vehicles, there will be no food in the shops and no gas so we will all freeze to death anyway.

Goodbye world
Just to make you feel warm, here's a picture of the UK taken by NASA on the 7th of Jab 2010.

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