Friday, 19 November 2010


I managed to get a week off work in October and during my time off my hands came into contact with something that made them itch and come up with little lumps. My first instinct was to carry out a search on Google to see if I could work out what was wrong.
In hindsight, this was possibly not the best thing to do. I entered my symptoms and was informed that I had either ingested too much gluten, possibly had contracted Foot and Mouth, it may have been some form of Dermatitis but the most likely thing was apparently Syphilis.
At this point I went to see the doctor who assured me it was some form of contact Dermatitis but there was no way of finding out what I had touched. Some steroid cream with antibiotic properties was issued together with some Oilatum emollient to help out with some dry skin I had would do the job.

To be honest I was assured that I would grow out of the skin problems by the time I was 15, 35 years later and I'm still waiting.

Off to the chemist to get the prescription and then home with the medicines and time to apply them, the cream helped out my hands and the emollient seemed to work on some of the dry patches on my face.

But, after about a week, most of the top layer of skin had started to peel off my hands and I was getting rashes all over the place, so it was back to the doctors who said "that looks nasty, have some steroid tablets".

So I started on them with some antihistamines to stop the itching and in the last day of the tablets had not really got any better. Back to the doctors, more steroids and then off home.

Almost a week later and my hands are starting to look almost human now but the rashes are getting no better and I'm now starting to reduce the steroid intake. We had been wracking our brains trying to work out what had changed in our lifestyle that would have had the effect of bringing me out in huge red blotches, the washing powder and stuff was the same, the water was pretty good, so we decided it had to be Runcorn.

Then, there came the moment of clarity, most men do their best bit of thinking while sitting on the toilet. I had not slept much the night before due to the amount of itchiness and having had some coffee nature summoned me. I t was while I was sitting down increasing my Brownian motion that I realised that my legs were fairly clear, but my torso, arms and neck were really bad. The only thing in common was the increased use of the emollient in these areas.

A further search on Goggle seems to show that other people have suffered with the same problem and so quick shower using un perfumed soap was carried out and at the moment the itchiness has subsided and the red bits aren't quite as red as they have been.

It seems that I am allergic to the stuff that was given to me to help me alleviate my dry skin and have ended up taking steroid tablets to counteract the effect.

What I would like to know is:
If I take my car to a garage for a repair and it doesn't fix the fault, I can get it re-re-repaired under warranty. If I fix a computer and it goes wrong again, I repair it under warranty. Why can't this apply to a doctors diagnosis too?

Yours, rather itchingly.

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