Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Oh the times they are a changeing

So the Bugg Centre has closed it's doors in Blackpool leaving a lot of people with either broken machines or no machines at all, Denis has dissapeared and the papers and trading standards are after him as are the staff that want their wages. 

On a personal note, the mighty Rover finally drew it's last gasp while bringing me home from work. It travelled down the M57 with no problems and then at the end of the bypass it just cut out. A 15 amp fuse had blown again, a new one was fitted and this too went bang when the car went above 1500 rpm. A tow-truck came and brought it home and a few days later it was replaced with a Nissan Primera 1.6 petrol in white.

The old faithful Rover was taken to it's final resting place at a breakers yard in Runcorn and a tear was shed when the certificate of destruction arrived at the house about a week later.

The car was not particularly good in any way but was flawed in ways that made it almost loveable and human.

And now there are some challenges ahead, I have interviews lined up for 2 new positions in the company I work for, one is local and provides a vehicle while the other is in Cardiff.

So the Nissan could be the shortest lived car of the lot if I get the former position, watch this space to see what happend next.