Thursday, 18 August 2011

April was interesting, that's the month I got an offer of promotion to Senior Counter Intelligence Agent at Geek Squad Precinct 4031 in Rotherham, the start date was May the 1st and to be honest May has been a crap month.

150 miles a day in the Nissan at a cost of about £25 for the round trip in a month which is about 5 weeks between pay days has cause some considerable financial strain to say the least.

The offer of financial assistance disappeared and nobody seems to remember making it so finances are being drained quicker that I would like.

But the store was coming together nicely and the team seemed to be quite good and  bonded well together. And as pay day approached, it's was time to get some accommodation in Rotherham sorted. It's not quite the direction I wanted to move in but to get any future promotion, this seemed the way to go.

No more stores in the pipeline yet this year so hopefully this will give us time to get our life in order and prepare for a move to an area we would like to go to when the next batch of stores are announced.

Still no joy with the Bugg Centre and the missing wages, but as they say revenge is a dish best served cold, or is that ice cream.

Found out that some of the agents I used to work with in Geek Squad Covert Ops in the UK have got their badges at last, they deserve it as they are an amazing bunch and I miss working with them, yes even the ginger one.

Our next major task was to get our belongings all packed up again and get moved over to South Yorkshire.

This all happened without any major hitches and we are now living in Rotherham. I'd really like to say what a wonderful place it is but to be honest, it's not that exciting. Still, it's not permanent (I hope) so let's see what happens.