Friday, 9 December 2011

December in Rotherham

It's hard to think that this time last year I was completely and utterly buggered thanks to an allergic reaction to some dry skin stuff and incorrect medication, the tablets that sorted me have left their mark as my kidney and liver functions are still not quite back to normal and I feel the cold a bit more now that I used to.

Of course, this time last year I was working in Best Buy Aintree, there were plans for many more stores and in a few months I would be offered the position of Senior Counter Intelligence Agent at Rotherham Best Buy. An offer I took despite having reservations about the store manager and some time later my fellings about him were proven to be true.

I'm betting he was a very spoiled only child that had been bullied and was now using his new found powers on those that worked for him. Then in October came salvation, my immediate manager  returned to the Dark Side or DSG as we call them and I was offered a position there, it took a bit of thinking but I accepted the position and within 2 weeks of accepting the job. Best Buy announced that it was pulling out of the UK market. It's unusual that I get to make a decision that turns out that well but thankfully things have gone my way for once.

A few weeks later I once more made contact with my son Jason, I was foolish to lose contact with him so many years ago and although there is very little chance of a complete reconciliation, talking is a good start.

So next year will hopefully see us moving a bit further south in the direction of Newark or surrounding area and maybe things will start to come together properly.
Let's see what the future brings.

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