Monday, 16 September 2013

Computers and why did Raymond Baxter lie to us?

The progress of technology over the years has been amazing. If you look back at things like Tomorrows World which predicted what life would be like in the future you will find that the amount of stuff that they got totally wrong is incredible really.
They talked about flying cars, more and more leisure time as the menial tasks would be taken care of by robots, running cars on water, trips into space, a Moon base,people on Mars and personal jet packs.

The stuff that I don't remember being mentioned is the amount of power available in a home computer, the fact that I can now carry round a device with which I can send emails, receive voice and video calls, browse the Internet (The Internet hadn't been predicted either), use it to find out where I am with incredible accuracy and tell me how to get where I want to go, play games detect Cylons and annoy people on the train with an awful ringtone

Most of the predictions have faded away but instead we now have the ability to talk face to face to anywhere in the world that has a data connection, information is instantly available sales and agreements can be done electronically and yet we still rush around and more and more time is spent working instead of enjoying life.

Of course the increase in leisure time is happening at the moment, it's Called unemployment in this part of the world. Anyway, enough rambling, I've got some adverts to show you from the 1980s. Can't wait to get my own jetpack.

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