Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Snow Goose 2013

Earlier this year i was delighted to see that probably my favourite band of all time were going back on the road. Camel were doing a live concert and the Barbican in London was the only venue that was published at that time. On top of that they were going to play The Snow Goose completely with some enhancements to bring it up to date. I got my tickets and then more venues were announced, Manchester, Wolverhampton and a few European ones.

Eventually the day came and we drove up to London, parking at The Barbican was remarkably cheap at £7.50 and the journey up was apart from a 1 hour delay on the M4 quite uneventful.

Having purchased the CD and T-Shirt we took our seats and waited, the band came on stage to a huge round of applause, it was great to see Andy looking healthy again and then the opening sounds of The Great Marsh started, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and even my goosebumps had goosebumps. The band was flawless, the sound was excellent and it was such a joy to see so many people of so many different races, religions and colours sitting down and enjoying themselves together.

The Snow Goose finished and after an intermission the band went onto play some of Camels other hits, once again they were flawless, Andy's in my opinion is probably one of the best guitar players around, I have never felt such a range of emotions expressed by an instrument before, Colin on Bass guitar is also amazing, his playing is relaxed and his bass guitar sound is quite distinctive. Then we come to Denis Clements on drums, once he starts playing he seems to be able to produce more sounds than the number of limbs on his body should allow. On keyboards we had Jason Hart and Guy LeBlanc, both awesome and complementing each other throughout the show.

The only complaint and this is not levelled at the band but at the Barbican Centre is that there is a ridiculous 10.30 curfew. This is the capital city of the country, more money is spent per head here on music than any other country in the UK but they had to stop playing at 10.30.

I took some pictures of course, they aren't the best in the world as they were taken on a compact camera and on a mobile phone, I didn't realise how relaxed the rules were going to be for photography.

There is now a strong possibility of another tour in spring along with a new album, I hope this is true. Long may the band continue, they are true heroes of prog, vastly under rated and some of the best musicians on the planet.

Camel, just keep on playing and never let go.