Monday, 19 May 2014

I've decided to become American

It seem about 4 hours ago that I turned 50, well that's what it seems like anyway. So much has happened since then including a move to Runcorn to be nearer work, then promotion to Rotherham, a change of jobs to go to the dark side and then a move back to South Wales which was part of the original plan to be honest, that is until things started to go wrong.

But now they seem OK, the job is not bad, it could be better as could all jobs but it's not that stressful and it pays enough to ensure that we can live and do things we want to.

And now we come to the part about becoming American. Over there in the colonies, you can't go above 55 and I've now reached that age. It's quite strange that at 54 I had really bad sciatica and had to take pain killers and undergo physio, then suddenly at 55 that seemed to go and although I get a few twinges it's not really there anymore. There's a few other ailments such as a bit of water retention but that's gradually going away and now that I've become American I won't get any older.

What do you mean 55 is the maximum speed limit, oh bugger!