Sunday, 15 March 2015

The fight for the Gower.

Our area is becoming over run by the Enlightened at the moment, there are some stronghold of the resistance but these are getting harder to control. We need more resistance agents to help us ward of the control of the Enlightened. They have pretty much taken over Swansea itself and are now moving onto the Gower.

The agents of the resistance are spread out across the map, they are doing their best to keep you safe. But, we need your help.

Please join our community and our fight to save the planet. Together, we can stop The Ingress.

Sunday the 15th of March 2015, agents of the resistance launched an attack on North Gower, much was reclaimed only to be taken back a short while later by an enlightened agent. A trip further south resulted in a bit more of a clean up and a return trip via the enlightened portals ensured that they were once more captured by the resistance and control fields were put up to protect the people underneath. 

As of tonight, this is how the area looks.

Goodbye to Tech Support

For many years I have worked in the "Customer Service" side of home technology and I'd now like to say that I have happily moved away from it. The main reason behind this is the public, they are with the odd exception a complete and utter pain in the arse.

To give you an idea, I have had calls from people that can't access their wireless network when they are 200 miles away from home. People who think that the blue screen of death on their computer is because their broadband is broken, people who blame their ISP as their computer has a virus. People who say their broadband is running slow who have a Windows XP machine with 256Mb of RAM and no hard drive space, people who insist that their wireless is faulty as the range has gone down or the speed has decreased. And one of my favourites, I have 5 devices that connect but my new laptop won't the broadband must be faulty.

All the above are generally down to faults with anything other than broadband. You, the public, believe that a broadband provider will fix anything to do with your computer, would you take your car to a petrol station if your gearbox went faulty, no. But, the public in general has made it so hard and is so demanding that they expect their ISP to fix anything and everything and they expect their monthly charges to go down and speeds to go up.

I really used to enjoy providing tech support and fixing things but now I can safely say I have never been happier.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Resistance Needs You

Life may seem normal to you at the moment, but our world is being infiltrated. A mysterious energy called XM had been unlocked by scientists in Europe and is spreading around our world.

The purpose and origin of this force is unknown but some believe it is influencing the way we think. It must be controlled or it will eventually control us.

A faction called "The Enlightened" believe that this force will help advance mankind, but these people seem to abhor anything that does not conform to the enlightened way of thinking and will go out and in their words "Smash It".

We "the Resistance" believe that humanity should control it's own destiny and develop at it's own pace. There are few of us and we need your help to prevent the world from being dominated.