Sunday, 15 March 2015

The fight for the Gower.

Our area is becoming over run by the Enlightened at the moment, there are some stronghold of the resistance but these are getting harder to control. We need more resistance agents to help us ward of the control of the Enlightened. They have pretty much taken over Swansea itself and are now moving onto the Gower.

The agents of the resistance are spread out across the map, they are doing their best to keep you safe. But, we need your help.

Please join our community and our fight to save the planet. Together, we can stop The Ingress.

Sunday the 15th of March 2015, agents of the resistance launched an attack on North Gower, much was reclaimed only to be taken back a short while later by an enlightened agent. A trip further south resulted in a bit more of a clean up and a return trip via the enlightened portals ensured that they were once more captured by the resistance and control fields were put up to protect the people underneath. 

As of tonight, this is how the area looks.

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