Monday, 3 August 2015

Raw Camel

July the 23rd in Wolverhampton was the night, Wulfrun Hall was the venue, Camel were the band. The seating was uncomfortable, the hall could have done with some redecoration, the Seleco projector in the lighting rig looked like it had been there for some time and then Camel arrived on stage. There were problems with the sound equipment causing a bit of distortion but the band were fantastic, that is really what I think. The playing by all members was awesome, they were up on stage doing what they do best and they all seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. Ton and Jason on keyboards were superb, Ton's style is different from the late Guy LeBlanc who he took over from on this tour but his piano on Long Goodbyes was brilliant. Jason seemed to be playing various instruments during the show and deserves to be recognised as a brilliant performer in hos own right.

Then there's Denis on drums, I swear he had 4 arms at one point, the man is amazing and he doesn't seem to break into a sweat.

Next we come to Mr Colin Bass of the bass guitar who just stands there effortlessly playing away and is looking good with his new growth of facial hair, he's also done some wonderful solo albums and produces some class bands including 9bach.

And last but not least there's Andy Latimer, the man behind the band. This man can put so many different emotions into a guitar, he is up there with the greatest in my humble opinion.

The band played a selection tracks old and new including some of my favourites, Ice, Mother Road, Drafted and Long Goodbyes. I'd love to say they were perfect, but they weren't. Perfect doesn't even come close to describing how good they were, this was Camel, live and raw, having a good time, playing some of their best tracks.

The last track, Long Goodbyes was dedicated to Chris Rainbow and Guy LeBlanc who had both been members of the band and had regretfully passed away, images of them were projected onto screens as it was played, I have to be honest I cried like a baby.

After the concert I got to meet up with Andy and Colin, I asked Colin if he could sign my ticket for my granny. His face lit up and he looked at me and said "you're Paul Holt". He is a really nice bloke and is fitting in with his local community in North Wales even learning Welsh.

Andy is also a really nice humble person. I mentioned that I met him last at a Liverpool concert, couldn't remember the place but it began with an R. A few minutes later the name came to me, it was the Lomax. This seemed to cause quite a but of humour and references to the Romax.

 I look forward to seeing them again hopefully and look forward to any new material they produce.

Till then, Never Let Go.

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