Thursday, 20 September 2018

How Much? !!!

During a recent trip to London, we opted to stay at a Holiday Inn in Kensington as it was an easy walk to the Royal Albert Hall for a concert. Having stopped at Holiday Inn's in the past we expected something really special here. I knew parking was going to be expensive and had prepared for that, we checked in and had to leave a pre authorisation of £100 on top of the hotel costs and then there was our room, I have seen larger cupboards. 

The choice of food at the restaurant was limited, £32 for a bottle of wine and a total bill of £94 for something you could get at a Premier Inn for half the cost but in the morning, the breakfast was quite good to be fair.

Then there was a bit to eat at The Royal Albert Hall before the gig, just under £40.00 for two slightly warm burgers, a packet of crisps shared between us and two bottles of water.

The staff at the hotel are wonderful and helpful as were the staff at the Albert Hall, but if you take the costs of the stay and food into account, we could have had a last minute all inclusive holiday in Europe.

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