Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Google +

I suppose it had to happen, Google has announced that it's shutting down it's public section of Google +, it's Facebook competitor. Problem is that I and many others like it, it's not as intrusive as Farcebook, there's a lot less rubbish on it and it's generally more civilised.

I've been trying some alternatives such as Pluspora, Diaspora, Mastodon but they all feel like Twitter replacements, the nearest so far is MeWe, but it's far from perfect.

I'm still active on Twitter, Instagram, MeWe and Farcebook at the moment and my G+ account will remain in case they change their mind but I think the time has come to do some culling. Twitter seems the least intrusive, there's no communities like you get on G+, Instagram is filling with more and more ads and of course is run by those Farcebook people.

Farcebook has been less and less usable for some time, adverts pop up everywhere, fake news stories, articles designed to create hate, data leaks and then there's the use they make of your data.

I'm thinking that Christmas will be the cut off point when I close down most of the networks.

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