Tuesday, 26 March 2019


I keep deactivating my Farcebook account and then come back to it, after about 10 minutes I realise it's full of clickbait stuff and it's getting harder and harder to block it, it's at the point now that Social Fixer which is an amazing piece of software is blocking so much rubbish loading the page is slow and useful stuff is being blocked.

Then we go back to the use of your data, I have blocked groups on Facebook, but if someone tags me in a post from that same group, all my data is available to the people that created the group and it does get passed on to companies.

Back to one of my old sayings, if something stops becoming fun then stop doing it. Facebook has stopped being fun, I'll keep it running until the 1st of April and then put my delete request through.

I'm not giving up social media, if you still want to stay in touch then I'll be at the following places

Twitter (https://twitter.com/groundcontrolhq).

MeWe A new social media platform without the data worries. (https://mewe.com/i/travels_of_tux).

Hubzilla A decentralised social media platform, very quiet at the moment but has promise.


Pluspora Another decentralised network, a bit like Twitter


And finally I'm on Telegram This is a bit like WhatsApp without the crap


I'll also be on Blogger

I'll miss people on Farcebook but hopefully see you on some of the other networks.

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