Sunday, 24 March 2019

Meandering in March

March seems to have come and gone with very little chance to get the camera out, this is the first time this month I've managed to get out and snap a few pictures during my lunch break. Either the weather has been rubbish or something has happened that's stopped me going out.

Lot's of tweeting and chirping going down the little reserve but they all seem to want to hide, I even saw something small sneaking into the bushes, couldn't make out what it was.

Mute Swan

Male Blackbird


Female Mallard

I've also decided to try and do things the easy way, normally pictures are taken in RAW and then converted to JPG with an application called Darktable. This time I just set the camera to JPG and let it do all the hard work, the last picture was taken at ISO 4000 and the first two at ISO 5000, can't complain at the quality.

Not much of March left, I'll try and do some more.

All pictures from the album are here.

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